We work with you to help you fulfil your vision of your building, and add maximum value at minimum cost.
We know that it is your building, so our aim is to help you get the best result possible.
We start with what you want and will usually be able to offer appropriate alternative suggestions for you to consider.
We are a RIBA Chartered Practice and provide a dependable, sound and reliable consultancy service. At the same time we think outside the box and are not limited by preconceived solutions.
Because we also act as property developers we are able to help you find the most cost effective way to add value to your property.
Ecologgia exists to offer architectural consultancy services which are value engineered to deliver sustainable design solutions.
We use our creativity, imagination and vision to:
  • Provide high quality inspirational design using a contemporary approach
  • Design to minimise harm to the environment and maximise benefit to end users and to the general public.
  • Avoid the use of materials which:
- are imported or procured at a large distance from the site.
- have a high embodied energy
- can damage the environment in manufacture, disposal, fire, or installation.
- produce large amounts of waste
  • Specify materials and components which:
- save water
- save natural resources
- are recycled
- are obtained from renewable sources
  • Encourage carbon neutral / zero energy design
  • Educate clients, end users and the public about the benefits of sustainable design
  • Work with nature and the local environment
  • Rigorously assess alternative design strategies
  • Test all design solutions for overall worth.

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